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Marcus Aurelius believed that God was within every man. As Emperor of
Rome it was believed that he was a God, but Marcus Aurelius was a
stoic, a brilliant, and dedicated leader, who believed that the true
God could be found in every person. Marcus Aurelius believed that
every man was his own deity. Yes, he believed in the Classical Gods,
Zeus, Jupiter, certainly Lucifer, Venus, and others. But it was the
symbolism of the Gods, not a statue, that was important to our lives.
Why should the Gods bother themselves with mortal man, it is the
consciousness of the Gods within every human being that must be used
to the fullest potential of the individual. It is the individual that
must initiate that potential of the Gods within. It is thought the
ancients believed in one God, that had many aspects. Mercury being
the prime God, Jupiter the God of Law, Aphrodites of Love, and on. It
is up to every human being, as their own deity, to take
responsibility and make decisions.

Every action that we take, must be initiated by a decison to take
that action. We make a conscious choice to take the first step, and
to continue with the action. And every action that we take will be
included with all of our other actions to form a totality. With every
individual action influencing the larger totality of our lives.

When we take an action we ourselves decide to do so. There is no
outside deity forcing us to initiate the action, we do it ourselves,
and we are responsible for the outcome.

This is why we must make the decision to intitiate the actions that
shape our lives. We can only do something if we take the first step.
We are responsible for our own actions.

It is important to take part with your Temple. Whenever we take part
we are making a sacrifice to our Gods, our spirit, and the members of
our Temple. We are growing in spirit, and taking positive steps in
the world to help others.

Miryai taught that the Gods, our beliefs, were spiritual, not just a
statute, or an idol. That the spirituality of the message was within
each of us. We must take our spirituality and apply it to our world,
by taking the action to help others, to help our Temple. As
our "Christ" our Leader, Miryai dispersed her Apostles to bring the
message of her spirituality to the world. This was the action of
their spirituality.

If you want to help with our Temple, in any way, please contact
myself, or Kristin. We will certainly assist you in finding some way
to help our Temple.

The Love of Venus and Miryai Upon You All,
Morning Star

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