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The coming economic reality will make good quality inexpensive farmland the best investment. Life will become difficult for many people. Food and transportation prices will rise. Millions of people may starve as cities are forced to feed themselves. Gas prices will rise above $7.00 per gallon as suburban towns turn into suburban ghettos.

Our Temple members are encouraged to prepare for the world becoming self-sufficient as to their survival. Our Temple Agricultural Project is intended to act as a guide in this preparation for Temple Members and friends. Please check back occasionally as we develop our survival page.

Our Temple is sponsoring a Temple Agricultural Project. We want to assist Temple members develop their own family farms. This page will serve as a starting point, for those who want to take part in our Temple Agricultural Project.


Whether you have a family farm or a garden it is economical and satisfying to grow your own vegetables. Most homes have a yard where you can choose a plot of land for a vegetable garden. Choose a garden that is a comfortable size for your ability to care for it. Slowly you can increase the size of your garden. If you really decide you enjoy the lifestyle, perhaps an inexpensive country home or a small family farm is right for you. Be patient and make your decisions wisely. As the economy becomes more difficult suburban lawns will be turned into small family farms.

If you live in a city and can not leave your location, you can garden in your home, simply set aside a room or a windowsill, and use potted plants.

If you eat, you can start a garden. Vegetables have seeds inside of them. All you need do is save the seeds from the vegetables you eat. Easy to save seeds are best. This need cost you nothing more than your daily food. As you eat, and more vegetables grow, you will gather more and more seeds with which you may grow more and more vegetables.

Peppers, squash, corn (dry and carefully flake corn from cob), potatoes (each eye of a potatoe is a new plant, simply cut the potatoe into pieces and plant), and many other vergetables have seeds that are easy to harvest from your dinner table. Many stores also sell seeds, we have added links to purchase discount seeds below.


Planning is an essential first step for your small farm or garden. Every region of the world, and every plant, has a different growing season. The same type of plant may have different growing seasons in different climates or regions of the world. You must plan your garden to match your climate, soil type, weather, etc. Find out what plants grow naturally in your region. Decide which of these plants will meet your needs. Research how much work will be needed, and what the expense of the plants you want to grow will be.

Remember to rotate your crops and plant crops that grow well together. Look into local farmers markets to sell your produce.

Your local government may have information available. Most governments will have services to assist small farmers with the training, planning, and technical issues involved. You may also be able to acquire financial assistance. Look into tax breaks for small farms that may be available from your local town, county, or state. In some regions classifying your home as a small farm will reduce your taxes.

Look for beneficial forms of agricultural development programs such as Community Supported Agriculture.


Local colleges, universities, and government often have specialized courses available for those who want to learn. There may be an organization of small local farmers that will assist you. Your own research is always valuable.


Seeds taken from the plants you eat and grow are sometimes the least expensive way to acquire seeds. Be careful of genetically altered vegetables in the store that your seeds will grow. You may find local sources or farm sources that sell discount seeds.

Pepper Clicks Seed Retailers List

Welter Seeds


Bunton Seed

Eden Seeds

There are larger companies that supply farm seeds in high quantity. These usually do not list prices and are more scientific.

International Seed Group



Search near you for farm and gardening equipment and for fertilizer. I would be very careful about purchasing these items on the internet as they may encompass a large investment. If you need large scale equipment or amounts of fertilizer I would contact local distributors in your area. Major retailers as Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, and local hardware stores may carry what you need. For larger scale farms you will want to search for professional suppliers.


Our Temple supports the Plant A Pine Tree program to help keep the Earth Green. Plant a Pine Tree today!

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