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Holy Orthodox Temple


High School Diplomas and Courses

A high school diploma may be earned or supplemented with courses from the University of Indiana High School and University of Missouri High School.

Indiana University High School

University of Missouri High School

University Degrees-Undergraduate and Graduate

Online courses are offered by many Universities. The following major universities are a few that offer courses, certificates, and degrees through online distance learning. Other quality accredited universities may also offer online degree programs. If the universities listed do not offer your degree interest, search accredited universities in your area or interest.

Arizona State University

Boston University

Brown University

California State University System (All campuses)

Columbia University

Dartmouth University (Value-Based Health Care Certificate)

Florida State University

Harvard University

Kansas State University

Maryville University (St. Louis)

New York University

Northeastern University

Ohio University

Old Dominion University

Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Southern New Hampshire University

State University of New York, Empire State College

Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey

University of Cincinnati

University of Florida

University of Illinois Online

University of Indiana

University of Maryland, University College

University of Massachusettes

University of Minnesota Digital Campus

University of Missouri

University of Nebraska

University of Oklahoma

University of Southern California

University of Southern Florida

University of Texas

West Virginia University

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