Maiden of Light
Holy Orthodox Temple


Mortal women beckon thee

from thy high abode.

Their passions aflame

in their sweet repose.

Lose my wings

for this deathly union of bliss.

Casting away immortality

For the experience of thy kiss

The arrow aims for this love

His wings all aflutter.

This son remembers

the blissful arms of mother.

He descends !

The Lightning strikes like fire

Across the aurora skies

From death comes life

For thy true love never died.

Thy maiden is sweet,

But the wise woman entices

She lures him from the folly

Of every young mans vices

Be a man, she says !

My wisdom will ascertain

For it is thru sin you fell.

And everything lost to fame

Mortal men may fear you

Women you may so desire

But make that mistake er again,

And back to death you will expire

The angel declares.

I am the instrument of thy wants.

I am the epitome of the flame

The long candle lit nights vigil

Saints and virgins call my name

Secretly writhing in thy great pleasure

That I can offer on a whim

A daemon or a angel

I came to conquer sin

But thou temptest me,

with mortals sweet face of love

reminding me of thy power,

the Below to the Above.

-Haylel Zavijaveh

Copyright 2008 Maiden of Light Holy Orthodox Temple